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Solar Battery Installation

Solar Panel Battery Storage: An Overview

A solar panel battery storage system, also known as an energy storage system or home battery, is a device that allows you to store the electricity generated by your solar panels for use at a later time. This can be helpful if you want to use the electricity generated by your solar panels at night or during other times when the panels are not generating electricity. Solar panel battery storage systems may be a good option for people who generate their own electricity with solar panels but want to use more of it outside of daylight hours.

Is solar battery storage right for my home?

Using home batteries to store the electricity generated by your solar panels can help you maximize the use of renewable energy in your home. This can also reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid, which can lower your energy bills. Even if you don't have solar panels, you can still use home batteries to take advantage of time-of-use tariffs by storing cheap electricity overnight and using it during peak times. Some energy companies offer these tariffs, and it is expected that more will become available as they can help balance energy supply and demand and reduce the need for fossil fuel generation during peak times. Home battery storage can also reduce the use of fossil fuel backup generators for off-grid homes.

What size solar storage battery do I need?

When choosing a home battery for solar panel storage, it's important to consider the amount of electricity your home uses on a daily basis. The average home uses about 8 kWh per day, so you'll want to select a battery with a capacity that can cover your evening and nighttime electricity usage. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries ranges from about 1 kWh to 15 kWh. It's also important to consider the output of your solar panels, as you don't want to choose a battery that is larger than your panels can charge. A battery installer can help you determine the right size battery for your home's energy needs and your solar panels' output. While a well-chosen battery can provide enough electricity to meet your evening needs for most of the year, you may still need to use grid electricity during the longest winter nights.

Whether a battery will save you money depends on:

  • The cost of installing a home battery system
  • The type of system, including whether it is DC or AC and the chemistry of the battery and connections
  • The usage of the system, including the effectiveness of the control algorithm
  • The price of electricity and any changes in price over the lifetime of the system
  • The lifespan of the battery

Do I have to have solar panels to install a battery?

It is not necessary to have solar panels to install a home battery system. You can charge a home battery using electricity from the grid. If you have a time-of-use electricity tariff, you can save money by charging your battery during times when electricity is cheaper and using the stored power instead of buying electricity from the grid at peak times. While time-of-use tariffs are not yet widely available, they are expected to become more common with the rollout of smart meters, which allow energy companies to see exactly when electricity is being used. Economy 7 and Economy 10 are traditional time-of-use tariffs that are often linked to storage heating systems.

Advantages of Solar panel battery storage

  • Enables you to make use of more of the electricity generated by your solar panels
  • Some companies may pay you for using your battery to store excess electricity from the grid
  • Can allow you to take advantage of low electricity rates
  • Low maintenance requirements, with some users describing them as "fit and forget”
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